Cleaning methods and techniques concrete mixer

Construction of concrete mixer is an important device at any one country in. However, concrete mixer is not cheap to buy, it also requires that you use when the concrete mixer requires attention to some tips and cleaning methods to mini concrete mixer for sale better protect your concrete mixer. Are you still angry, concrete mixer is not easy to clean, dry cement? The following will discuss some ways to solve this problem. Concrete mixer equipment is crucial in the construction of houses, roads, railways, water and electricity, ports, tunnels, bridges, airports, precast concrete and commercial concrete. However, it is difficult to clean the mixer, especially for large concrete mixer. Now, we will discuss methods to clean the concrete mixer. Cleaning process used will depend on whether the cement is fresh or dried. Fresh cement is easily removed water and hydropower stone in ten to fifteen minutes. If you need to enter the mixing tube, be careful and make sure that power is removed. With a rubber hammer, click the mixing tube gently several times until dry chunks of concrete are removed. If you still have concrete mixer on the left side, you can use some chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid. To ensure that the water is completely drained, especially in winter. Let dry thoroughly before storing mixer.

Evolution of mobile concrete mixing station

Mobile concrete mixing plants with the evolution of mechanical technology, has now become the primary consideration many users choose when concrete mixing station. Then, with the development of technology, the mobile concrete mixing station with the evolution of how development? From mobile concrete mixing plant operating time stirring power can be understood from the mixing torque level point of view, the water content in the granular mixture. Lindberg described the evolution of the cumulative amount of power increasing granulation liquid. Wetting the particles in the first stage, and after the increase in power consumption. Thereafter, the power consumption stable in the highlands, and then further increased in the fourth stage. concrete mixer truck for sale In the final stage, the power consumption drops of quality becomes a suspension. Contribution based mobile concrete mixing station some pioneering, Goldszal and Bousquet different wet granular state to five hybrid part (or the batching plant parts). In the low water content, dry particles alone is not enough cohesion and torque produced is low. In Section 2, the liquid bridge began to form, and a substantial increase in mixing torque level. Once the capture force and breaking force balance, the torque value remains unchanged, the combination of increasing saturation. Mobile concrete mixing station in the work, and when the pore is completely full of liquid agglomeration, capillary observation and torque begun to change: it may decrease, and then continue to rise. If more liquid is present, the solid - liquid dispersion state can be achieved, and the corresponding behavior appears significantly reduced power.